Woman- the struggle, liberation, and love.

What we need in today’s world to understand each other.

I was shocked to see the response in the last one year you guys have given me. Just went to the statistics and found so many views throughout the globe. Thank you so much for the love. It’s been a year that I haven’t post anything, I am sure, you guys have waited for long, but the wait is over now. haha. (trying to feel important). I have realized how writing makes me feel closer to myself, my soul, and makes me feel better every day. How contributing my bit allows me to spread positivism and smiles. Some might think it is to gain attention, some might understand what I am trying to say, the latter ones connect with writing, different passions, hobbies. How it makes us feel energetic and comes naturally, despite different phases of life.

The topic of the day is, ‘woman’. I am open to the opinions formed by the audience, because you are not entitled to believe my words or what this post talks about.

Recently I got the opportunity to swim in the words of “The book of Woman”, by Osho. The book talks freely about how men has given hard time to women in past and till date. How women are already superior to men in various ways before even trying to prove themselves equal to men. He enlightens how men and women cannot be equal or unequal because both of them are unique and polar opposites.
One is more compassionate, loving, sentimental and another logical, stupid, driven by facts and tries to believe in all that is formed by humans. He thinks that woman’s liberation movement has taken a wrong turn, they are trying to prove themselves equal to men.  Women have been treated as slaves in the past, because they haven’t been allowed any freedom, they haven’t got any opportunity to be independent. Their work was consigned to give birth to children only.

Due to dominance and ego of men, today the world is in crisis as women are bound towards taking revenge instead of focusing on their strengths, they are more into working their weaknesses, and in the process becoming more of man and losing their grace. What world needs today is the men to realize they have become far more masculine because of the dominance. We suffer through inferior complexities and treat women as servants, slaves. We need to be more feminine by understanding the other sex, how both of us are incomplete without each other but not at the cost of possessing her, or creating a bondage, commitment but through unconditional empathy and love.

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