Become a New Man!

Learn to unlearn. Live with heart, make money with mind. Live in the moment. Love, laugh, play. Awaken the child within you…

I am writing this post in a coffee shop of Ahmedabad. The morning of the first day of the week could not have been better than this. Away from the sounds, alone rejoicing, and sipping the coffee with the shape of a heart. It is going to be a long post. Please be patient if you are interested in reading the new way of life which consists of deep insights of living practically and with heart. It is deeply inspired by the book, “The book of Man” by Osho. I have tried to highlight and format with colours to keep it interesting. So here it goes, read this post as a child, with your inner being, forgetting what you have learned. 

The man here is not the masculine or feminine one. It is both, everyone is a man and a woman because we have originated from both of our parents. From what we have been conditioned, men and women are never friends. They are polar opposites. It’s all the dormant qualities in us, which we see in the opposite sex that we start liking each other.

Always a man to a woman relationship is very different, there are disagreements, there is its own beauty in it because the thought process is opposite. Naturally, women are intuitive and men run behind the facts. Women are more loving and superior. Because of a man’s feminine part he starts valuing a woman and not see her as a competition and a woman’s masculine part makes her thrive hard to be independent and not depend on anyone else.

The duality is the part of nature. We need to accept it and not be ashamed of anything about it. Nature has made us this way that a man cannot be a man for 24 hours a day and vice versa. It is the society which has taught us the wrong way of being only what we are physical. It also creates humongous hindrances in the relationships. Only the circumference meet. Not the inner being of opposite sexes and there arises the conflict. You are doomed before even knowing how. Boom!

Why in this society, men are not allowed to cry? If we were not supposed to cry, we would not be having tears glands, if we were not supposed to mate, we would not be sexual beings.

Sex comes with biology, however, the art of making love is entirely different compared to sex. We first need to love ourselves, our body and share the intimacy without fear. When our ‘inner being’ connects with their ‘being’ it gives rise to the unconditional moment. A divine relation. Sacred Moment! Read more about tantric sex. (being is the unconscious, soul like joy relating feeling).

Many women face issues and pinpoint the male ego, they are right. Just listen to them, not just hear. It is in accepting our feminity that a man becomes grateful. In the past men never allowed freedom to women. It hampered their growth. Now is the time, to support them. Our natural differences don’t make anybody higher or lower rather it creates that attraction of knowing the ‘being’ of opposite sex.

Our whole life we tend to avoid the truth, if one relationship doesn’t work out, we tend to jump to another. What is the result? Except for our number with being so many women/men, there is no individual growth. The truth is, the problem is never with the other person. Until and unless we realize this, the vicious cycle of failures in relationships will continue.

We spend our whole life wanting attention and chasing our dream which always seems far-fetched and never-ending. Our wants are unlimited when one goal is achieved we move to another. That’s the whole drama and the loophole in the system… We are always chasing the future and never living in the present. Our whole life becomes suffering even till the death-bed. The purpose of life is not those dreams, it is the life itself to live in the happiness, in utter joy. “Don’t be mistaken if you think it is easy, it requires a meditative mind and a practical heart.”

Every human is scared of death. It is only when we start living our everyday moments, rejoice in them, meditate over our being, keep our inner child alive we choose happiness… Whatever makes us happy, we do it. We live in that moment.

“Play music as birds sing every morning, dance as water falls from a river. Observe the blue sky romancing with the grey clouds. How life would be without sky, the aroma of flowers? For a moment just stop breathing the way you have been till now.”

Your kingdom is within you! You are the emperor but you have to discover yourself.

Spend three days without any technological interference, any gadgets. It will be difficult on the first day to resist it but by the end, you will realize the sense of freedom you have achieved, you are not entitled to your duties of life anymore. You are rejoicing in your aloneness and have started to love it.

Once you know yourself, you don’t care about others, what they think of you. Once you start loving yourself, you are no more chasing the opposite sex. It just happens. And this connection is divine. Because when you are love, you have the capacity to share, let go of your ego. You both become givers. It is the meeting of the soul, not just the mind and body.

“You can only be man enough when you are a wonderful guy, behaving like a lady.” By a lady I mean: Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness, authenticity.

The change starts with you. Never expect the other to change. Just imagine how difficult it is to change yourself. Now apply this to everyone else. Change by thrashing the old conditioning, become a rebel by bringing the revolution of respect. When you change yourself, the world is different to you. Become a new person. When you become new, you will be surprised to see the people around you become new. They have to, to respond to you.

Life is a joy! Love is magical!

For everything to be known, it exists in nature already. We spend our entire lives in creating fictitious beliefs, ego, chauvinism and chasing the dreams which have been provoked with the help of the society (society means everyone around you). Once the inner child in us is lost, the upbringing in us starts accepting the fallacy of our elders as we depend on them. Erasing this conditioning and becoming a new man will take time as it is fixated in our mind to run after money, assumptions to be successful only with certain occupations.

Belief creates the problem. You know things. There is no need to believe there exists sun, moon, clouds, stars. You just know they do. The man has made life a science. We are not machines, we are emotional sexual human beings. Start living with heart, by heart I mean, live with love, compassion, gratitude, solitude. When you start living from the heart, you become closer to find your soul. When you go deep with the meditation of life, you reach out to your inner being which is transcendental. Similarly one day you will find the mate, the friend and the companion of your soul.

When you are dependent, you hate, you rebel, you resist because dependence is slavery. We become angry with people who we are close to, and intimate with because we are angry with ourself.

Meditation is the art of living with ourselves. The art of being joyously alone. When we meditate we become aware. When we become aware we start taking responsibility for our actions. If a man doesn’t realize his femininity, he will not achieve the enlightenment until then meditation is a waste of time.

When you become happier with yourself, you are in love with yourself. You will see less anger, more compassion. You can observe the change in your relationships with people. Observe if you are possessing or dominating someone, then you need to go deeper in your meditation. When there is no desire, there is no bondage. And that is moksha. Remember even desire to attain moksha is a bondage, desire to be desireless is a bondage too. It is a beautiful natural process of attaining no desire through meditation.

Life cannot be conquered! It can be lived!

Where joy, sadness, and death all becomes an emotion of expressing the bathroom singer in you, the street dancer in you, the muddy artist within you. Life is a part, a part cannot conquer the universe. Like a drop cannot become an ocean. It can just dissolve and swim in harmony. There exists a child, a god within our natural joy.

Here and now, the ultimate is present. Let your mind dive into this ultimate and meditate in this wonderful river of self-actualization, not in any future or goal.

It is important to do something for the livelihood, you are not leaving the sansar or becoming the sanyasi by meditating rather you are becoming more aware of the truth of life.

But that livelihood mind, that business mind should not enter with you when you wake up or when you come back home from the office. Spend alone time cherishing every day’s beauty otherwise life becomes boring. Even if you love what your work is. Don’t let the logic work 24/7, you will end up being a robot, tired of humans.

Learn to be responsive. When you are responsive and nonreactive, life still remains a joyous mystery otherwise it starts fading away from your hands with your reactions with every sunset.

“Keep the child alive within you. Nag, cry, play, smile for no reason.”

Surprise people by becoming the new man. A man aware of his inner being. Dance with your soul, become playfully serious, flirt with life. You were born to be ecstatic, not purposeful. You are here to be intimate without fear of losing yourself. You are here to know yourself and create meaningful connections.

Let people judge you, say things to you. Your opinion of yourself matters, not theirs. Your breath knows if it is lively or suffocating. Always allow the rays of the sun fall on you. They fall and you rise every day. You let go of the old man in you, you become the NEW MAN!!!

The entire world is waiting for you………


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