Woman- the struggle, liberation, and love.

What we need in today’s world to understand each other.

I was shocked to see the response in the last one year you guys have given me. Just went to the statistics and found so many views throughout the globe. Thank you so much for the love. It’s been a year that I haven’t post anything, I am sure, you guys have waited for long, but the wait is over now. haha. (trying to feel important). I have realized how writing makes me feel closer to myself, my soul, and makes me feel better every day. How contributing my bit allows me to spread positivism and smiles. Some might think it is to gain attention, some might understand what I am trying to say, the latter ones connect with writing, different passions, hobbies. How it makes us feel energetic and comes naturally, despite different phases of life.

The topic of the day is, ‘woman’. I am open to the opinions formed by the audience, because you are not entitled to believe my words or what this post talks about.

Recently I got the opportunity to swim in the words of “The book of Woman”, by Osho. The book talks freely about how men has given hard time to women in past and till date. How women are already superior to men in various ways before even trying to prove themselves equal to men. He enlightens how men and women cannot be equal or unequal because both of them are unique and polar opposites.
One is more compassionate, loving, sentimental and another logical, stupid, driven by facts and tries to believe in all that is formed by humans. He thinks that woman’s liberation movement has taken a wrong turn, they are trying to prove themselves equal to men.  Women have been treated as slaves in the past, because they haven’t been allowed any freedom, they haven’t got any opportunity to be independent. Their work was consigned to give birth to children only.

Due to dominance and ego of men, today the world is in crisis as women are bound towards taking revenge instead of focusing on their strengths, they are more into working their weaknesses, and in the process becoming more of man and losing their grace. What world needs today is the men to realize they have become far more masculine because of the dominance. We suffer through inferior complexities and treat women as servants, slaves. We need to be more feminine by understanding the other sex, how both of us are incomplete without each other but not at the cost of possessing her, or creating a bondage, commitment but through unconditional empathy and love.

Men need to respect the choices of women and understand her sacrifices which she goes through, be it in her motherhood or every month through menstrual cycle, or while leaving their own house after marriage to come and live in yours. They aren’t weak, but men has forced the society to think of the other gender as weak. Ofcourse men are muscular, that’s the only thing in which men can beat women. It is in these feminine qualities that trust increases. Now with technology advancement, and invention of pills, they can become mother only when they want. To be a mother and giving birth is altogether different. Nobody can love a child like her mother. To be a mother is utmost sacrifice and entering into new being.

“Sacrifice is not a sacrifice until done joyously, the word sacrifice comes from word sacred, otherwise it is just a duty, and a duty is never out of love.”

He is not against women rising in different fields, becoming artist, singer, dancer, poetess. Rather he highlights how women have special qualities which no man can possess. They live in moments, they sacrifice, give birth to children and do everything elegantly with her love and compassion. The liberation has to come but not through revolt, rather revolution. Instead of being jealous amongst themselves, they need to be each other’s support. Follow their consciousness, meditate over important things. How they do not lose their grace and still rise; not in anger, not in pain, not with the feeling of revenge.
He talks about love, relationships, commitment. How the society is flawed with rules and regulations made by men. Women has such qualities that she can be as patient as mother earth to shine every morning, blossom our lives as beautiful flowers, soothe us with her warm breeze, fill our lives with greenery and peace.

It is not hard to understand a woman, “if you want to know what she means, just look at her, not believe in her words.” She is heart, her thoughts wander every seconds, she is vulnerable, and the elegant grace on her face, on her body says it all.

When there is no fear, when you yourself are love, there arises an opportunity to meet each other’s center. When you can relate to her consciousness, and want her happiness. It’s the moments in which you experience love. Jealousy, hate, anger arises out of commitment and bondage.

Relate it with birds, how they fly every day, what would happen if you keep them as your pet inside the bars, you cut their wings. They are already dead, there is no freedom anymore, they are not independent now, they don’t have to chase for their food and survival everyday. They like those challenges.

Same is with us humans, we often try to establish relations out of promises and bondage to never leave each other, wherein one of us or both of us reach to a stagnation stage where we are unable to help each other, unable to be content, understand each other’s life. That’s the case where only peripheries meet, where only the boundaries meet. Not the centre, not your soul.

For the majority of the times, men has forced the thought that the women need to be virgin, monogamous, and  be patient with one man. This has resulted in vast destruction to mankind and love. Man has been the one who is never satisfied with one woman and he created this bondage in past, how inferior of man.

“There are no double standards allowed. Tell him if he is loving other woman, you can also love another man.”

Either he will stop and remain monogamous or if he doesn’t you can always choose to love another man. The ones, who are loyal and can’t handle the jealousy of seeing you in some other man’s arms, will stop loving other women. Just ensure, that this love is not about bondage, if only your peripheries meet, it is better to be alone or be with other people.
Love is all about letting go and freeing the other person, to do what they want to do. To attain their happiness by themselves, to be loving in their individual life. Only then, you can be fearless, vulnerable and love the other person.

Love’s like orgasms, how those few seconds feel, when you just live in the moment, when you are not bothered about the society, about what is going to happen in the next moment.

Keep it flowing, keep your love real. It doesn’t mean that both of you do not try to work on things. If you both can be happy with each other’s space and still want to know each other’s soul, still love to be around each other, there is some fondness in that moment when both of you are together and respectful towards each other. That’s the center. Both the sexes require their own space, it is only for few moments when you are meeting his/her center. Love is not about sex, it is more about meeting your soul mate, and unconditional commitment of no expectations even if one day she starts loving someone else. Love is not bondage.
With love, freedom and enlightenment women can arise. Challenge the men to be more feminine. We like challenges. When the heart (feminine) and head (masculine) are in flow. When you meditate and follow your consciousness. When your heart is the master and the head is the servant, when you consciously follow your heart and live in moments, everything is possible… Even the women can be masters…don’t forget to live, laugh, sing, dance, write, read, draw, paint, play and love. 😉

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