Last 3 weeks Journey, Life is Awesome!

Hi everyone. I wish and pray that each of you reading this post is in good health, wealth, and has a feeling of being successful in your pursuit of life. I will share about my experience today about how to handle a new change and make good habits.

I completed 3 weeks of a new daily routine this 17th Aug. Waking up at 6 am for 80% of these 21 days. Realized how it became a habit now. During meditation I focused on how my life changed emotionally, physically, spiritually in these days. The smaller good actions started bringing effective positive results to me and filled me with happiness.

I reflected on some incidents. To state a few, Dad became so positive with his dealings and suggestions, leadership. Go through this post if you haven’t read my blog from beginningEarly Morning Adventure- 28th July 2016

The small suggestion of signaling the vehicle drivers to turn off the head light in the morning was nothing more than simple help. The replies I received were out of the world being stranger to them. Many fellow drivers lifted their hand in appreciation, smiled, and many even said THANK YOU. It was unbelievable to introspect and observe the effects.

Here is the story of the vehicle lady and her sweet little daughter waving at me. The story of the same is on this post. Complete Strangers yet Friends!

I made a ritual to buy flowers, and  pass a big smile to the elegant old flower lady who sits on a road between the park and my house.

I started thanking people in person for their gestures. For every little thing, to a shopkeeper, watchman of the apartment, transport rides.

Even to friends conversing online for everything they did. Whether it was a compliment on my posts, or constructive feedback for the same. Suggested people to think positive and speak good words for everyone.

For, “Thoughts which we allow to enter our mind, affects our feelings.” There was a behaviour shift. Due to my actions. Everything looked positive. It seemed true that adversity breeds opportunity. “It takes our perception to look at things whether it is a positive or negative. They are not any of them by themselves.”

Then I recollected my morning with the school teacher who learned about meditation. I wrote the experience of the same few days back. Here is the link if you haven’t read it yet. New Friend Learning Meditation

I started carrying a book with me wherever I traveled during the day hours. Mom smiled at my new behaviour knowing I am happy and helping others.

I made new friends. I do not know most of their names. We have a relation to pass smile, thank each other for our efforts and sincere compliments. I wrote about the same few days back. Here is the link. Do read and share your views. Power of Smile, Thanks, Please, and Compliments 

I started shooting out sincere prayers for random strangers, for my family, friends, and myself. To which I believe that prayers will be answered. I have faith in them. And people will feel a difference. As I already feel it.

Most importantly I started writing this blog, please read the first postWishes do come true! . The journey shall continue. To inspire people, connect with nature, and motivate people to think BIG, to be their own leaders and live a peaceful life where success and happiness does flourish.

And I open my eyes, feel the sunlight as new rays of shine. Smile, head back towards the home and in between stop by the flower lady. Thank people, and wear my best adorable smile. 

Please, share your thoughts, and connect with me anyway possible. 🙂


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