Be your own Leader

“Write every quote in your journal which inspires you. Make your own thoughts out of them, formulate them, and future will know them as your quotes someday.”

Imagine more than anybody could. Live more than yourself would. Laugh more than your desires fulfilled. Appreciate more than you ever did. Love more than the love stories known. Do more and more such that more is defined by you.

“Why do I race? I am the champion before the race. That’s the belief I go on field that I will chase each one to finish the line.” The faster than light, Usain Bolt said proudly.

Leadership is about expressing our best as human beings. Use that inner leader not just to lift your life but also to elevate the lives of all those around you. It is inspiring people to do their best in their ability. It’s about realizing the potential within self. To be a leader become a self leader first. Awaken that inner born talent. It is not just about motivating or inspiring others. It is about the first step we take to become a better version of ourselves.

It is the first step which is the hardest but once achieved, rest is like a cake walk. Persistence, patience, courage is all it takes. “Throw the heart over the fence and rest will follow” observed Norman Vincent Peale, ‘The Father of Positive Thinking‘.

A true leader knows that, “No one is lucky, except the ones who create their own luck by pursuing their dreams, sweating in practice.” They are courageous, they know that luck and fortune favours the brave. They are smart, for them luck is another synonym of mastery.


A loyal leader aspires the quality of being attractive by his character and humbleness. America’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt quoted, “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

It’s of utmost importance, the way you have fun and enjoy small moments in life. Celebrating with your friends, colleagues, and family. Never let that moment of weakness fill you with sadness by stating the victory is incomplete, I do not feel happy. I do not have anyone to celebrate with.

A daring leader never speaks bad about its fellows. Eliminate little negatives from your talks. Eliminate words of anger, pain, fear, defeats. And encourage glory.

“Watch out your words, once spoken can never be taken back.” Know that criticizing and condemning your people will not create any benefit to you. Instead remind them of their good abilities and push them to do better with what’s not working.

One of the finest and creative thing to follow is Pareto’s principle of 80/20 rule. It describes that 80 percent results come from 20 percent of activities. These 20 percent activities are the ones that come from the result of the productive first hour of your day. Allow it to be your time with yourself. Do what you love the most during morning. Connect with the nature, exercise a bit, practice your hobbies. Being creative, energetic at the start of the day creates peaceful mind and abundant energy.

Leadership is about helping people to remind their powers and not instruct them but just learn with them as they learn with you. It’s about being humble and kind to even the sweeper of the house/company. Leadership is not about seeing problems from bottom to top, instead from top to bottom. It gives you courage to deal with any difficulties during turbulent times. Suggest people to think big, out of the league, thoughts of harvesting.

Your inner calling, success and happiness is incomplete without the fact it is not serving others. To be better version of themselves, to creating an impact in their life. To be proud of who they are and who they envision to be. Inspire people to make their own discoveries of their talents and invention of their success.

LEAD them to be their own leader.

Chase your dreams. For it’s in the trying, instead of accepting to fail without giving a shot of love, passion, and determination.

As they say, everyone has a story that’s worth sharing. What’s your leadership journey like?

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