Silence Speaks the Best!

“When it’s dark enough, you can see the stars. Amidst the darkness, shines the brightest star.”

Its magical when those trees wave back, leaves take a breath, and the birds sing melodiously at the top of the trees.

 “It is true that silence speaks.”

Allow that sun, cloud, moon, and rain to talk with you in this serenity. When the surroundings speak. The calmness stills. The quietness fills. Silence is serene. It leaves you at peace.

It is said, “When you have control over your thoughts, you have control over your life.” Everyone is born awesome with powers. We have to just remember them not actually improve on anything else.

Let the silence speak when you are unaware of what to do with your life. This unaware stage comes alive with senses to speak to our within. Deep within. And the contemplation begins. It fills you within when you let this silence talk. It smiles at you, laughs with you, relaxes you from the pain eating you up.

Allow thinking in such a manner that problems seem opportunities. Allow thinking of that of a kid when we weren’t afraid to take risks, learning new things, and comfortable in exactly who we were. Never allow thinking of negative pattern of fear, despair, limitations, unrealistic outcomes and experiences.

Silence is a great listener too. Which many of us lack in our outer world. It guides us back in our outer delightful life to pursue this journey with love and joy towards the destination.


What is this silence? Some call it force, some call it God. How does it matter when it’s within us. It’s out there in the universe, waiting to be heard by our outer world. The universal energy is strong enough to make it heard. The gut instinct is nothing else than the silence speaking within us.

Silence is your best partner, why wouldn’t it be? “It’s a partnership with your heart, and soul.” “Isn’t it we always say, our only true and best friend irrespective of time and distance is we ourselves.”

Silence is for truth of each and everyone of you. Upon your new positive beliefs let this speak and fill you with calmness all around your body. Listen to it carefully so that you talk like your own leader with set of values, mission, goals. Trust on the silence, let this strive you for the best. Your purpose of life seems clear. Silence has done its work. Strengthened your relationship with universe.

Are you ready to dance with rhythm of your heart in silence? 

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