Power of Smile, Thanks, Please, and Compliments

You have no idea, how smallest of your gestures can make somebody’s day.

Do not believe it? lets look at it this way.

Suppose every day you make only two different people smile than the usual friends, family. How many smiles are you creating in a month? 60 smiles. How about you go to do this for a year? 720 smiles. And by 10 years, you will be creating more than 7000 people smile. Pure maths. Seems hard? It is not.

Every morning or any time of the day when you are out your house, you will encounter hundreds of new people in your day-to-day life. Most of them being different and strangers. Be it metro, train, road, office, movie hall, sports stadium or even on a 15 mins walk.

The power of your pleasing smile is so strong that it can even make animals happy. If you have a pet, you will relate more. Remember the power in a kid’s smile. How it makes anyone’s day. That million dollar smile. You are that same kid who just grew up. With the years of experience your smile has grown up to become better, and enrich lives of others. “Smiles are selfless to show love and care.” The energy transformed is a peaceful one.

  • Care,
  • Affection,
  • Attention,
  • Appreciation,
  • Receiving help,
  • Making others laugh.

These are some smallest things which fills us with happiness.

The great American philosopher, and psychologist, Mr William James said, “The deepest hunger in humans beings is the desire to be appreciated.” It is often referred as the deepest craving.

Now you know, your smile, appreciation matters. Your life matters too. Try it out everyday to pass smile of goodness.

Thank people for their services, efforts, help.

Compliment them for their wonderful efforts. Be it your cab driver, bus driver, auto rickshaw guy or any random person in your commute to travel.

It is said, “Never undervalue the power of good morning text, please, sorry, and a compliment.” Remember, “Goodness never goes in vain.”

When you SMILE, THANK, AND COMPLIMENT two people each day. Atleast 1 out of them would make one person smile. If he is a taxi driver, he will go on to give a good experience in his other rides. The passengers which will be traveling with him would get positive vibes from this man. And the chain repeats. I remember few days back, complimenting an auto driver, “Thank you bhaiya. Aap se milkar khushi hui” (It was happy meeting you).

That guy smiled his heart out and left in joy. When your presence of act is genuine, take it for serious knowing that making 2 people smile each day will not only make this world a better place, but also create billions of uncounted blessings everyday, each day.

It is said, “It is better to give than receive.” Think about it, when you give something of yourself to others be it as small as smile, thanks, heartful compliment to others, not only it makes the receiving person happy but it fills your world with joy. Your giving makes a difference, whereas, when you are on the receiving end, you just receive happiness in one manner.

“The giver with no selfish intentions behind is always rejoicing and creating blessings unknowingly.” As our daily practice makes us master in our field over a course of time, similarly, such small acts everyday can make a difference unimaginable. I only talked about one person in this article. Imagine the world when you inspired others to do small act of goodness.

The critics of this philosophy will always live in denial stating change cannot happen from one person. However, my friend, change begins from you, as oceans form from droplets. You are a visionary in itself. Never think small. People who dream and imagine big have the guts to not only make the world a better place, but live a life of happiness.

I request you to take motivation from the ones who have been entertaining you in person, through television, stand up, internet. Get up and go out of your house everyday with this mindset to smile, thank, and compliment. Give up laziness. Give up the disease.

Become an entertainer of kindness.  


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