New Friend Learning Meditation

Seasons change, thoughts change, and so does people.

The question is, what is this change we are talking about?

The change of welcoming stress, doubts, obstacles, worries, fear, guilt, resentment, anger, hate.
Or change of goodwill, courage, health, forgiveness, love, faith, peace, tranquility?

Change can only be handled by people when we create right circumstances, i.e., adopting the latter emotions.

Five days back, when I observed the trees were cut within a day, those flowers were not there anymore. For first 5 seconds it was hard, painful to think about them. They have been part of my daily morning routine since two weeks in this park.

Then, I thought maybe they were stressed, and now they are rejuvenating into a new life of peace into better version of themselves.

The next minute, I was on bench, about to close my eyes and enter the dreamland of meditation (my medication).

There came a lady who was passing by the bench I was seated on. “can I ask you something, I have observed you meditating every morning, do you remember we exchanged a smile few days back when my kid came to play in the park.”?, she asked in a hope to receive yes in the reply.

“Yes ma’am, I do remember.” I replied thinking today is a good day already.

“What do you think when you meditate? Many people told me to do it. I don’t know what to think. Life is full of stress. So many family problems, wants, wishes, so many thoughts come. I am not able to control.” She sounded worried.

“Please have a seat, let me explain this. Firstly, close your eyes, sit in a lean posture. On a bench or floor. It is important that your back should be straight.” I continued. “For the first minute, concentrate on your breath. Inhale hard through your stomach, it should come out. One of my friend told me about this technique,

“Smell the Roses, hold your breath and then exhale the stresses”.  Smilingly I explained.

“That’s a good start.” Her smile expressed on that bright morning.

“Have you been to mountains? Think about the beautiful sunrise, sunset, visualize the beach water on your legs, the moonlight on still waters.
Remember, all the happy moments which brought you health, wellness, smiles, laughter, feeling of Love.” I explained further clearing her doubts about what to think.

“That’s a new way to look at it. I like it. What about thoughts, how to control them?” She asked expectantly.

“When you relax let thoughts enter your mind. Concentrate on the one you want to focus, one by one. Think about them peacefully. Visualize the outcome and your wishes, wants will be completed having faith in your imagination. You will actualize them feeling better in your inner world slowly. You shall attain focus. I claimed smilingly.

“OH! Thank you so much. I will try this. Nothing is good right now.” She said on the circumstances in her life.

“Everything is good ma’am. You are smiling. Say, whatever you wish. Everything will be fulfilled, keep faith in positivity. About your kids, family, work, yourself, every one of us.” I tried to calm her.

“You know, i am a teacher in primary school nearby. What’s your name?” She smiled and her eyes shined bright.

“Akash. What’s your name ma’am?” I  asked back.

“Jasmine.” Came a quick reply from the lady.

“You are as beautiful as your name.” I confirmed her as she left in joy and hope.

Never did I know, positivity could take me to this level of helping people.
I reached home. Mom asked, “Where do you go these days early morning”?
“I made new friends whom I meet, and they are a fan of me.” I narrated the whole incident.
She smiled and I continued with my world, writing in my journal of dreams.

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