Kids and Childhood Memories

Sunny morning, no clouds, a clear sky, and a vision of hope.

I see twins playing in the park. Their dad helped them too. These kids had no fear. They only knew the word courage. They climbed from one direction to another. Crossed the bridges as if they played toys in their prime wisdom. They climbed the ladder backwards to slide down. And there one of them heard bad from his dad. He listened, then looked away at me smiling. I smiled back amusingly.

Kids are special. They should be handled with love, care, affection, bravery. Not anger, fear, resentment.

It is said, “kids are the version of God”. In their smile, actions, and hearts. Naturally creative. They challenge themselves without thinking to fail. They arise victories because they rise up even after falling over and over again. And attain joy in the process. They live as they never die. Live in our hearts everyday.

Those precious little creatures are the diamond of our eyes. Observing their smile is like morning sunshine. 

They are the best teachers we could ever ask for. Lets learn from the them. Free our mind from worries, and enjoy in the moment. Stop being bothered about what the world will say. It’s their habit, they will anyway. Lets live in utter happiness.

That’s when I thought about those beautiful memories.

Isn’t childhood the time when we really pursue our dreams. We are our own bosses and leaders of our visionaries.

Why not leave our baggage behind? We can not change the history, nor we know the future.

What we can do is, live as the innocent, mischievous child again.
Lets reunite with our old days in harmony, and become kids again.

Lets go out of our house, leave our gadgets for a while. Play under the sun, dance with the rain.
Pursuing our dreams and nagging for affection. Loving each other in no comparison.

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