I Refuse to Give Up!

What keeps you going?
Bond, path, senses, desires, rewards, mind or your heart…

Laugh at yourself when you make mistakes, and work on them instead of saying, I am lazy. I am just like that. It’s not happening, I can’t do this. I am not meant for it. I give up.

“Every word spoken from your mouth, every thought in your mind produces a feeling.” When you repeat mistakes of using such words, your subconscious becomes habituated to the reality embedded inside your mind. Not just that, even cursing people brings negative vibes to self. When we curse, we lose temper, and welcome stress.

The truth of this attitude is found deeply in three ways:-

  1. Childhood upbringing. What we were told, we believed it. It’s important for every parent to make their child courageous, and instead of fear factor employ brave factor. Habits of our thinking process and our feelings matter. They are called habits because they are customs which are not easy to give up in a day.
  2. What kind of friend circle, people we surround our life with. Are they optimistic or pessimistic? Are they actually motivating you to actualize your dreams or chilling and taking the life easy way. Quoting Robin Sharma, “The most successful people in life are the ones who do things which failures aren’t willing to do. However, not necessary they might like doing them.” They choose the right thing to do verses what’s easy and fun.
    Failures just know one thing, criticize progress of others. Are your friends motivating you?
  3. Bitter experiences we encounter. They bring a feeling of loss. We need to see our experiences as our learning process. After all, all the big innovators, scientists failed so many times to succeed. Because they observed those failures as their life lessons which they learned through experiencing life not just text books. Accept those as lessons of wisdom.

Our mind possesses the most potential energy than anything else on this planet. Live a life of optimism. Many would think, its impractical. We face challenges everyday. It’s impossible to eliminate them. Lets look at what practicality really mean.

Norman Vincent Peale, famously known, ‘The father of Positive Thinking’ suggests this technique to know what practicality really is. For the next 24 hours, say every positive thing about your life, observe all the things you have, family, friends, health, etc. Now, say positive about each and everything in your life. This will be difficult as our human nature tends to think negative more than positive. But, you can do it for a day and see the positive outcomes already.

After 24 hours, you are not allowed to be realistic right now. Go on for a week to think about each and everyone. your friends, colleagues, foes, shopkeepers, auto rickshaw guy, or any stranger. Everyone is a human. When we know this is a sure shot thing which will change our attitude towards life, we can do this for a week right?

Now, as soon as you complete going positive all around about every aspect of your life be it your family, job, health, love or anything. You are allowed to be ‘realistic’. And you will see what you meant by realistic a week back was nothing except pessimism, and holding yourself back. Avoiding the potential of your mind and bravery to overcome any situation. “Practicality is what you think, nothing else.”

Say to yourself, “I can do. I will. It’s my birthright to learn and improve to become better version of myself. Why wait for tomorrow. What is going to happen is for the best. And what has happened has been my victories. I overcame those challenges in front of me like a true warrior. I am a fighter! I refuse to give up.

When you change your thoughts to positive outcomes, you build your character and confidence.

Life is easy. Take it the easy peaceful way. “Judge a man not by his car, but by the friendships he made who could ride with him in his expensive asset.” “Judge a man not by his success but by the happiness in his family.”

For success is rejoicing in gift of health, wealth, friendships, love, and kindness.

2 thoughts on “I Refuse to Give Up!

    1. Hi Ibibo,
      Thanks for your comment. I feel, we should not give up even after winning. A winner goes through unpredictable situations, turbulent times in this dynamic changing world.
      His character to remain true to his nature, his continuous efforts, inner will, discipline. These are some factors which ensures victory over and over again.
      Never give up ever.

      Liked by 1 person

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