Complete Strangers yet Friends!

Friendship and the ways to define it.

Everyone has their own concept of friendship. The attributes one looks for in other person differ accordingly.

Think about the times when we were unknown to each other. The first time we talked. Then knowing one another. It took some time to get accustomed and make each other smile. A day or months in some cases.

On 1st August, early morning while coming back from park. I made a friend without knowing what I was getting into. Instructed her to turn off her Scooty’s light as it was morning. She did and said thankyou. Could read her lips.

Next day on the same road. She nodded good morning with a smile. When our paths crossed by.

Third day, again on the same road. She was riding her vehicle. Beeping the horn. She made her daughter wave at me. That pristine smile is captured in my mind.

Distance and time, our subconscious mind cannot see or feel that. It is unaware of these two concepts. Feelings always remain. Deep down.

Fifth day, when I came on that road subconsciously thinking, feeling I would meet my new friends. While turning towards the old lady who sells flowers, the new friends stopped by and grabbed my attention to wave, smile at me. That brought all vitality with sun rays falling on three of us. The calm energy filled us with enthusiasm.
My reaction being surprised at the incident of imagination. I waved back with happiness depicting all over my face. This was created inside the inner world of beliefs and faith by giving more, helping. The results were extraordinarily reflecting in my outer world giving me happiness.

I was so surprised with the incident as I reflected, “After returning from my daily ritual of meditation in the park, unaware about the human clock of the number of minutes spent each day meditating. To add to that, there was possibility of only 30 secs to be on that road. And these four days we met.”

I concluded, “It is a sight of delight to experience coincidences when you know that means the same as fate and destiny.”

Friendships are the crux of life. True friendships doesn’t talk about caring for each other or expecting anything in return. Because they have stronger beliefs and faith in the divine connection itself, they will be there when you need them through the force of universe, and the energy available in abundance. And they serve as a constant reminder to our power of kindness, humility. So that we make more friends in life with act of goodness.

There it was, started with a help and now it makes our day. A ritual of meeting people once who were unknown by face, today still unknown by names.

Complete strangers and becoming friends.
“Isn’t it awesome to remember the first time we met”?

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