Creating Serene Memories Everyday

What are memories?

Some incidents/moments, people, thoughts, experiences which we remember for a long time.

The box in which they are kept, can be locked for some time, However, there is not any key by which you cannot open that wide box of mind filled with tons of memories. As a thought it comes back, sometimes by yourself or other by a stimuli of surroundings, i.e., people.

When you want to achieve something, there might be battles which you would tackle everyday, you can win them by the power of your imagination.

How serene are the memories of

  • Sunrise and sunset,
  • Sunshine passing through the woods,
  • Water touching your feet at the sea-shore,
  • Sparkling waterfall,

similarly, when you close your eyes and visualize about the desired outcome of your journey; the battle is won already.

The outcome of bringing smile on your parents face, the pride among friends, the laughter of a child are some smallest examples of happiness and serenity. Close your eyes, concentrate on your breath. Consume the kindness, love; and breathe out the worries, pain. Think on why you started the journey, what was your desired outcome?

When you open your eyes, observe yourself shining in the mirror as the rays of hope on your smiling face. The destination is in front of you, near and all clear. Guiding your path, asking you to walk over and touch it like a fresh breeze felt for a second all over that beautiful face.

Are you ready to make those beautiful tranquil memories everyday?

2 thoughts on “Creating Serene Memories Everyday

  1. Thanks for teaching the power of positive thinking and how it helps to change your life, gives life to your dreams and ultimately attaining satisfaction.

    Liked by 1 person

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