“Become the Singer of your Life”

Love yourself and love everyone,
Forgive yourself and life becomes tranquil.

Empathize with people about how they feel, you will be elated with ability to understand humans. Showing sympathy and compassion does solve your peace of mind. On the other hand, condemning, and criticizing others is often welcoming the thoughts, and feelings of same actions for yourself.

It is easy to appreciate, it is the essence of life. To love and pass on your vibes to people. Never think negative about anyone even if you hate them. Jealousy, and greed will ensure disturbance of your temper itself. Always speak good of others. For saying negative is welcoming same thoughts and the chain of cause and effect is the law of life.

To win is to attract by the power of what you

  • Think
  • Feel
  • And Act for people.

Law of attraction is true. When you desire about truly wanting something, visualize an image in your mind of the outcome, i.e., feel the outcome. Your faith and act towards achieving it not only keeps you motivated, instead helps you overcome any obstacles, worries in the path.

“What you think becomes your belief, your belief becomes your feeling. Your feeling becomes an action, and your action has a reaction.”

“An action is your thought, and reaction is your faith in subconscious mind of yours.”

Master your mind with peace, harmony, goodwill, tranquility, serene thoughts; command it to be your servant and obey you politely.
Sing everyday on the same pattern. “Become the singer of your life.”
By doing so you colour your life with the positive music in your soul, and destiny is yours.

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