Mind- Creator and Healer of Thoughts

What’s the reason of happiness? What’s the reason of sadness?
Why some people recover from depression or a fatal disease? Why some die inside at 20 and live in a dead body till 80?

Why is someone young even at 70, and someone feels wrinkles at mere age of 25?
What is the success behind beauty, success, health, wealth, happiness?
Is it from the people around you?

Think about the instances of happiness and success, reflect back on the memories that would last in your mind.

  • First kiss,
  • First laughter,
  • First walk,
  • Love,
  • Marriage,
  • Promotion. 
  • Failure,
  • Challenges,
  • Fights,
  • Heartbreak,
  • Death.

The thing which separates the thoughts behind them is the thought itself.
To live happy, live everyday.
To die today, live in the past or future.

Today when we had to hire for sales and marketing, I came across a genuine person who was so positive about his life 4 months back, but he fell to slip disc, satica medical issue. He forgot to smile and laugh, he was unable to walk properly even 5 steps. I could feel it in his eyes, suggested him to say this everyday,

“I am great, I am healthy, life is cheerful”. (smile while saying it)

He couldn’t agree more, and all I wanted was to ensure his thoughts build his action. His mind could think of peaceful, harmonious thoughts then. Thus, see the effect of blessings by own self. Fool your mind and live with what you order to it.

Observe the true enlightenment within few days, anything and everything is yours.


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