Mind and the Imagination

Walk down the road early morning,
realize the essence of the wind.
Open your arms, hug those vital energy available in abundance.

“Purpose of life is a life of purpose.”- Robert Byrne

Open the doors to your imagination.
For there is a kid still within you with aspirations, what you loved in your childhood.

Serve selflessly even if it’s just guiding people to turn off their vehicle’s light in morning, do it with a smile.
Thousands might pass, there will come one who would respond with a smile back like a diamond in the sky.

Realize the power of your mind. For it can instill heal, cure, prosper, harmony, peace. Imprint the wants with the desires and imagination.
Believe them its true and trust the occurrence of the act, even if it’s a dream. Rely on your guts, instincts, for they know what’s right for you to reach closer towards the destiny.

You can even visualize your future, the power of your subconscious has already seen it, the infinite intelligence is there within you, within that mind, which is working 24/7 365. Sleep at least for 6-8 hours for your inner state to relax.

Pray for your desires just prior to your sleep,
when you wake up with Joy, keep faith ensured your vision will be achieved.

You will be surprised to know this healing is the power of none other than God within self. If you can find God, it’s within you, that subconscious of yours knows what’s right for you.

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