Give a Rose!

“Have you ever given someone the most beautiful flower?”

Feels wonderful, giving someone a rose or bouquet of Roses.
Today on 29th July 2016, I received my first Rose, bunch of small Roses.
Guess who gave it to me?
Yes, I love that person a lot, against the odds, why wait? I decided to gift myself the flower.

Two days back when I finished reading “The monk who sold his Ferrari“, I wanted to apply all the techniques to feel spirituality, self freedom, will discipline, purpose, and practice Kaizen. In order to do that, there is this technique named “The heart of Rose” to build concentration.

Since the past hour when I walked inside the house with bunch of roses, atmosphere started getting better. Mom smiled, fragrance uplifted the ‘palace’, Roses began their magic with soothing aroma, and I started observing the heart of the Rose.

On my discovery, a Rose is so similar to a person, the centre has its heart. Its beautiful, so is you and each one of us. It is surrounded by the biggest petals around the corners. How true it is, in order to be close to someone, reach the heart. Step by step, get inside the thick wall (inner shell) then reach towards the smaller petals through your kindness and the heart through your heart.

Nowadays many people has surrounded themselves by selfish acts of anger, greed, jealousy (the walls). When you touch them, they open a part of themselves. When you use them they lose their belief from you or people in general for a time being.

Thankfully, I got a Rose and lived the magic.
Now its your turn.

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