Believe, Envision and keep Faith

When you look beyond the leaves towards the sky, there is always a sunlight, sometimes hidden, other times quite visible.

Do you envision to blossom like early morning flower,
can you climb the tree in your mind concentrating on roots?
Truly said, “you become what you think” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Today, out of the blue, while reading in morning. Dad called me and asked, do you dare to crack IIM this year?
I feel guilty of observing just my own benefit till now.
Are you courageous enough to do it? Did you ever think a mediocre student with mere 75% in boards would complete his grads from DU proudly?
I could see the confidence and courage within his eyes and this was nothing less than a miracle since past 5 days of power of faith, speaking to self and envisioning where I want to be.

The power to all the actions is in the belief and faith itself. The solution to all the outer world problems are derived within your inner world.

It is true, when you want something, truly from within. The whole world gives immense energy to ensure you start the journey and reach towards your destination.-The Alchemist.

Solutions to all the prayers are in asking it with the imagination of observing the outcome in flying colours and keeping faith. You have all the power to heal even the poorest of the soul, try it sometime. Experience the magic it creates in your life and the people surrounding you, utter smiles and leap of faith shall follow.

I am daring to take the first step. Are you closer towards your calling?

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