Wishes do come true!

For a change, after reading some wisdom literature books, I decided to wake up early around 6 in the morning, and Sleep at 12 in the night.

I had such a good day! Early morning freshness helped me to do what I wanted to do.
You know, the state of mind, when you think about something positively, the people around you help you without you even asking them.
It is so true, do what you want to do. Feel happy, give selflessly to others. Observe the world as a better place.

My Dad was so positive and caring today even when I did not ask him anything directly. He talked about driving. He said the exact thing, I have taught driving to 20 people in my life, i am not able to teach my son due to time and work load. Plus this car would ask for maintenance if anything goes wrong.

I had a broad smile, I visualized the same two days back.
Discipline and will power will take you places. Places inside you, for the best of inner and outer world around you.

I was elated with the fact, and decided to share this with some of my friends on Whatsapp to express my state of mind. Little did I know, this would the first message going up in my Blog. The start was required, and from this day onward, I started expressing my inner state. I decided, it is going to be best to share something which has worked for me, i.e., some techniques/practical methods of happiness.