Early Morning Adventure- 28th July 2016

Today early morning, I decided to go to a park nearby. I was amazed with the colours of leaves, mixed with blend of yellow and green.

Like everything is one and everyone is connected to each other, the purple lilies. Then to my astonishment, the sky appeared as beautiful as always it is still I forgot to appreciate it in past.

The trees, flowers, roads, the drizzle; It was heavenly.

Rightly said, when we meditate or visualize something with our closed eyes, it gives the same soothing effect as it would in real; our subconscious mind can’t differentiate between real and imaginary. Dreams occur for the same reason and makes us feel we experience every bit of it until we wake up.

Finally while leaving for office from my place, unusually I looked at the guard of our apartment for the first time. What I saw was the brightest grin ever on any guard’s face. He looked at me and saluted. That moment made me realize in fact its the smallest of things which can make anyone’s day; I smiled back showing all of my teeth, and headed towards work. It was a perfect start to the day.

It’s what you give selflessly without expecting anything in return, comes back abundantly with the utter most inner satisfaction leaving you at peace.

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